Policies And Procedures

Driver Policies and Procedures 

If you are a delivery driver and your account is deactivated or temporarily blocked, it limits your ability to earn using the app. That’s why we believe it is important to have clear policies that explain the circumstances in which you may be denied access to KRAVEN. 

Ensuring a respectful, safe environment. 

The way you behave while using the KRAVEN app has a huge impact on the experience for all app users. That’s why it is expected you exercise good judgment and behave decently towards other people when using the KRAVEN appjust as you would in any public place.  

Here are some reasons you could lose access to KRAVEN: 

  • Physical contact with customers or vendors - You shouldn’t touch vendors' personnel, customers or other delivery drivers. And you should never hit or otherwise hurt customers or vendors. 
  • Use of inappropriate and abusive language or gestures  - For example, asking overly personal questions, using verbal threats, and making comments or gestures that are aggressive, sexual, discriminatory, or disrespectful to customers or vendors. 
  • Unwanted contact with customers after a delivery is completed - For example, messaging, calling, or visiting someone in person after a delivery has been completed.  
  • Breaking the law while using the KRAVEN app -For example, texting while driving; speeding or otherwise breaking local traffic laws; and using the KRAVEN app to commit a crime. 
  • Driving or delivering under the influence-KRAVEN does not tolerate the use of drugs or alcohol by delivery drivers while making deliveries. 
  • Unsafe delivery or tampering with food/beverage - Delivery drivers using the app must ensure to drive/deliver safely at all times. This includes following local road rules and ensuring the item (i.e. food, beverage) is delivered in accordance with relevant safety standards. A driver should not touch customers' food at any time. A bag tag should be placed on each bag.  If a bag tag is tampered with you will lose access to your KRAVEN account. 

If we are made aware of behavior in violation of these policies, we will contact you and further investigate the incident. Depending on the nature of the concern, we may place a hold on your account during our inquiry.  If the issues raised are serious in nature or a repeated offense, and refuse to cooperate, you may lose access to your KRAVEN account Any behavior involving violence, sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, or illegal activity while using KRAVEN can result in the immediate loss of your account. KRAVEN will also deactivate the account of any delivery driver who receives several or serious complaints of poor, unsafe, or distracted driving while using the KRAVEN app. Additionally, when law enforcement is involved, we will cooperate with their investigation. 


At the conclusion of every delivery, customers have the opportunity to rate their KRAVEN experience (1-5 Stars). Customers can also rate delivery drivers and give feedback on their pickup and drop off experiences. This system improves accountability and helps create a respectful, safe, and professional environment for everyone. Delivery drivers can see their current rating on the Profile tab of the KRAVEN app. 

Your delivery rating is based on the average ratings you receive from customers. We do not average your rating until you have received 10 customer ratings. For example: if you completed 15 trips and received 10 ratings from customers, 5 customers rated you 5 stars, and 5 customers rated you 3 stars, your rating would be 4 stars.  

If your rating starts to approach the minimum star rating (3 Stars), we will reach out to help you improve your rating If your delivery rating persistently falls below the minimum, you may lose access to your KRAVEN. 

Cancellation Rate 

Cancellations create a poor customer experience.  We understand that there may be times when something comes up and you have to cancel an accepted delivery request.  But minimizing cancellations is critical for the reliability of the system. 

Your cancellation rate is based on the number of trips canceled out of the total number of trips you accept.  For example, if you’ve accepted 100 trips and 6 of them are canceled, your cancellation rate would be 6%.  High-quality delivery drivers typically have a cancellation rate lower than 6%. 

If your cancellation rate continues to exceed the maximum limit, you may lose access to your KRAVEN account. 

Acceptance Rates 

Consistently accepting delivery requests helps maximize earnings for delivery drivers and keeps the system running smoothly.  We know that sometimes things come up that prevent you from accepting every request, or you may want to take a break.  But not accepting requests while you’re online in the app causes delays and makes the system less reliable.  Drivers have 60 seconds to accept an order before the order is routed to another driver.  While declining deliveries does not automatically lead to permanent deactivation of your account, if you don’t want to accept delivery requests, you can just log off. 

If you consistently reject delivery requests, we will assume you do not want to accept more deliveries.  As a result, your account may automatically be logged off by KRAVEN Driver Support until you log back in.  

The driver rejection rate needs to be 6% or lower.  Your rejection rate is based on the number of trips rejected out of the total number of orders received (For example, if you’ve received 100 orders and 6 of them are rejected, your rejection rate would be 6%.) 

Delivery delays 

Our vendors and customers choose KRAVEN for their quality, reliability, and speed. So, delivery drivers who are consistently slow to complete tripswith a significant number of deliveries materially deviating from the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for arriving at the business for pickup or arriving at the delivery location for drop-off, may lose access to their KRAVEN account. If this is a reoccurring issue, we will reach out to you with a warning and an opportunity to improve before removing account access to your KRAVEN account. 

Delivery requirements 

It is important to ensure that you are retrieving the correct order from the vendor The order receipt on your phone needs to match the attached paper receipt from the vendor Drivers need to ensure that each item is present in the bag.  For example, if the receipt calls for 4 meals and drink, and you only count 3 meals and no drink, you need to bring it to the attention of the vendor for them to complete the order.  

Your missing item rate needs to be 2% or lower. If your missing item rate starts to increase above the 2%, will reach out to let you know. If your rating continues to increase, you may lose access to KRAVEN. 

Customers choose KRAVEN for its safety and reliability.  That is why it is important to wear your uniform shirt at all times.  Wearing your uniform shirt allows the customers and vendors to know that you are a KRAVEN delivery driver.  If you are not in uniform and we are made aware, we will reach out to you with a warning.  If this violation occurs more than once you will lose access to your KRAVEN account. 

Food deliveries should arrive in an insulated bag to keep hot food hot, and cold food/beverages cold You will receive additional information about purchasing an insulated delivery bag If you do not use the insulated bag, you may lose access to your KRAVEN account. 

Drivers have 15 minutes to Start/Pick up a customers order from the vendor before the order is canceled. If you do not select “Start” after 15 minutes of accepting the order, the order will be canceled.  If you do not select “Picked-Up” after 15 minutes of starting the order, the order will be canceled. 

When you arrive at the vendor's location you will need to look for the “KRAVEN floor mat” to retrieve the customer's order. It is KRAVEN policy that drivers must retrieve all food/beverage from the “KRAVEN floor mat”. 

Delivery drivers are prohibited from delivering alcohol to customers under the legal drinking age (18+). Delivery drivers should verify age or identification where necessary, and follow any steps set out in the app.  

You want to ensure that you are dropping off the order to the correct customer. Before handing the order over to the customer, it is important to confirm that the name on the order matches their name 

After 7 pm, drivers can be accompanied by one person over the age of 18 for safety reasons. If there are any additional riders or the accompanied rider is under the age of 18 and we are made aware of this violation, the KRAVEN Driver Support team will contact you.  Depending on the nature of the concern, we may put a hold on your account during our inquiry. 

It is important to bring your cell phone charger at all times Phones need to be charged to complete deliveries.  


Fraudulent activity undermines the trust on which KRAVEN is built and will not be tolerated. That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for fraud by recipients, businesses and delivery drivers who are gaming our systems. 

What leads to you losing access to your account? We will deactivate any account or accounts associated with fraudulent activity, which may include: accepting deliveries without the intention to complete; creating dummy accounts for fraudulent purposes; claiming fraudulent fees or charges; intentionally accepting or completing fraudulent or falsified deliveries; claiming to complete a delivery without ever picking up the delivery item; and picking up a delivery item but not delivering it in full. 

Account Sharing 

Having a Driver turn up who does not match the photo undermines trust in KRAVEN and presents a risk, as the person delivering has agreed to the terms and cleared the background check. Delivery drivers must complete all parts of the delivery themselves - driving, picking up the food/beverage from the vendor and delivering to the customer - with no exception. 

What leads to you losing access to your account? We will deactivate any account or accounts associated where the person performing any part of the delivery (driving, picking up food/beverage, delivering the food/beverage) is not the one listed on the account, profile photo, and signed the terms and agreements. 


Drivers have a minimum and a maximum number of hours they can work per dayDrivers can work a maximum of 12 hours per day.  

Drivers have a minimum number of hours they can work per week; drivers need to work a minimum of 15 hours per week. If you do not reach your minimum 15 hours, the KRAVEN Driver Support team will contact you.  If this a reoccurring violation, you will lose access to your KRAVEN account. 

Drivers have a maximum number of hours they can work per week; drivers can work a maximum of 84 hours per week.  If you exceed the maximum 84 hours, the KRAVEN Driver Support will contact you.  If this a reoccurring violation, you will lose access to your KRAVEN account. 

If you are inactive consecutively for 2 weeks, we will contact you, and deactivate your KRAVEN account. Drivers are annually allocated 6 weeks for vacation/sick days. If you intend on being inactive for more than 7 days consecutively (traveling, sick, etc.), please contact KRAVEN Driver Support. If you exceed your 6-week limit within 12 months, you will lose access to your KRAVEN account.